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Media & Events

2021 Summit on Stepfamily

Here’s a preview of what to expect at this year’s Summit on Stepfamily Ministry on Oct. 14-15 in Marietta, GA.

Thursday’s Session One will include:

🔽 A Panel to introduce you to the speakers and what they will cover

🔽 A Blended Bit with stepfamily ministry leaders, Terry Moss & Carol Moss. They will discuss how to minister to people who are dating and falling in love...again!

❓ What’s a Blended Bit? A bit of blended family ministry information condensed into a small bit of time <about 10-15 mins>.

Think of it as a shorter Ted Talk . . . without Ted. 😄



"Blended families that form when children are in their late teens or adult years are adult stepfamilies. We often mistakenly think these families have few adjustments to make. Listen to Ron Deal's conversation with Terry & Carol Moss, Brandon Moss, and Nina Thomas on how they've navigated multiple transitions in their adult stepfamily."

Blended Covenant Living 

When Terry and Carol Moss pulled up roots, left their home state and all of their marriage ministry contacts, they wondered what next? Would they still be able to do ministry in a place where no one knew them? On this episode, they talk about how they met, married and how they ended up in the county that has the country's highest divorce rate.

Listen here.

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