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  • Pre-Marital Coaching. This is an 8-week tool-building program. 
  • Marriage Coaching. Programs are customized to help find keys to relationship fulfillment. 
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Group Marriage Events
  • Blended Family Classes and Conferences 
  • Couples Getaways, Retreats, and Weekend Intensives
  • Marriage Enrichment Workshops, Seminars, and Classes
  • Virtual or In-Person session. All sessions are private, confidential, and results-based. 

Our Method

Many couples don't experience the deep-down-in-your-soul joy that a healthy fulfilling marriage relationship brings. Many couples can't emulate a healthy marriage because they have not seen enough models of what that looks like. As a result, many couples are hurting. These hurting couples are like bleating lambs crying out for help that seemingly never comes. We want our heavenly Father to use the heart and experience He has instilled in us to help stop the crying that comes from these hurting lambs.

So how can we do that? First, we must help singles understand the necessity of "preparing yourself" for marriage. This focus is about becoming a "healthy you," physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This involves teaching principles around self-awareness, self-worth, and self-value, independent of material things and status. God designed marriage and created the desire for relationship and companionship within us. We believe it is essential to have a solid spiritual relationship with God to more effectively live as He designed.

Second, we must help couples prepare for marriage. This is not focusing on "getting married,” but on the relationship. Generally, there is so much excitement around the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon. Few couples pay enough attention to learning the key principles that will result in a lifetime of relational joy and fulfillment.

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