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— Marriage Marathon Attendee – 

The Marriage Marathon Getaway Event is for any married couple looking to enrich themselves and their marriage. No matter the (number) of years you’ve been married or the experiences you’ve gone through, we all have something to learn. Terry and Carol bring thought provoking discussions to the learning event in a safe and loving manner.

— Marriage Marathon Attendee –

The Marriage Marathon was an unforgettable weekend experience. It was filled with carefully thought-out sessions rooted in the Word of God. There was time for deep meaningful discussion between the groups and the couples. There was variety in presentation of the information and the overall feeling in the room was real, filled with truth and love.

— Marriage Marathon Attendee – 

This whole weekend was truly perfect. Everything I/we have struggled with so far was talked about/discussed and I learned a lot. I love how marriage was tied in with running a marathon. I’m very excited to use and practice things we learned and to always focus on God and put Him #1 in our relationship.

—Marriage Marathon Attendee -

This weekend is truly for anyone who wants to experience growth and intimacy in marriage whether you’re about to get married, have been married for 1 year or 40. The support, encouragement and faith building you will receive in this weekend is worth every minute!

— Marriage Marathon Attendee – 

Terry & Carol Moss are a tremendous and genuine couple that are grounded in love & truth from God’s Word. They facilitated the sessions well, and had great material/content that sparked intimate conversation and growth in our relationship. This event is for everyone from pre-married to 35+ years. No matter where you are, you can grow and learn.

- Marriage Marathon Attendee – 

The Marriage Marathon is life changing/marriage changing. The Mosses are genuinely eager to share with married couples. In today’s world with the divorce rate so high in and out of church it is refreshing to have a place to go where God is the focal point/center and Godly marriage is the goal. I leave with expectancy in my heart to “Finish the Race.”

— Marriage Marathon Attendee – | Married 22 Years

I simply enjoyed this weekend! In all marriages I think we sometimes need a tune-up. This weekend that’s what we got. It was great!

— Marriage Marathon Attendee – Pre-Married Couple

The Marriage Marathon really helped us prepare for the road ahead. As a soon-to-be married couple we feel like we learned what to expect and that keeping God first is the only way to enjoy/endure whatever season we’re in.

— Marriage Marathon Attendee – Pre-Married Couple

We are closer (as a couple) because of this weekend and the Moss’ (teaching) helped me to not change my marriage date because honestly before this weekend I most likely would not be getting married on that day (on the planned wedding date). The Marriage Marathon helped me 100% and saved my relationship.

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